Continuing Our Father's Legacy

The Lewis family is honored to continue our father's legacy at Canton's First Monday Trade Days. It is with pride and dedication that we continue his tradition in this historic market, aiming to preserve the story he began.

The Legacy Begins

In 1988, Henry Lewis, a former Canton mayor (1972-1979), constructed the Original Pavilion I so shoppers could have a covered space for market visits, so they can shop rain or shine. This marked the starting point of the Lewis family's involvement in Canton's First Monday Trade Days.

Expanding Influence

Throughout the late 1980s and early 1990s, additional pavilions, such as the Original Pavilion II and III, were built to enhance the market. Today, more buildings and areas, such as the Lewis Original Pavilions and Walkway By The Creek, have joined the market of over 100 acres.

Long-Game Lewis

The Lewis family lost Henry in 2020, but his influence continues to be an enduring part of Canton's First Monday Trade Days. Henry Lewis's role as a former mayor and his appearance on Texas Country Reporter reflects his lasting commitment to local tradition.

Continue the Legacy

Interested in joining the market or want to share your experiences? Contact us to connect and be part of the tradition.

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